Course curriculum

  • 1

    GPM360° Registered Consultant and Assessor Program Version 2.0

    • An Introduction to the GPM360° Registered Consultant and Assessor Program Version 2.0

  • 2

    Chapter #1 Sustainable Projects Overview Training

    • Sustainable Projects Overview

  • 3

    Chapter #2 Sustainable Risk Management Training

    • Sustainable Risk Management Overview

  • 4

    Chapter #3 Asset Lifecycle & Benefits & Business Case Training

    • Asset Lifecycle, Benefits, and Business Case Training

  • 5

    Chapter #4 Consulting Training

    • Consultant Training

  • 6

    Chapter #5 Assessor Training

    • Assessor Training

  • 7

    Chapter #6 Engagement Preparation Training

    • Engagement and Preparation

  • 8

    Chapter #7 Interactive Training and Hands on Case Study Coaching

    • Select your Date for The Live Session

  • 9

    Program Completion

    • Course and Live Program Completion Questionnaire. (Takes 2 minutes) These questions may only be answered after the live capstone session.

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Frequently asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions.

  • How do I get started and how long is the program?

    It is easy! The Pre-requistes are on-demand right here! Simply, sign up, take the courses and choose the next live session once you have completed!

    The pre-requisites can be completed in a day and the live session is roughly 2.5-3 hours.

  • Do I become a GPM Registered Consultant when completed and is there an exam?

    Yes. Once you completing the entire program, you will become a GPM Registered Consultant and Assessor.

    No. There is no exam.

  • What do the pre-requisite courses cover?

    We cover a wide range of topics that have been developed by top consultants.
    From a consulting context, you will learn about risk, sustainable projects, consulting 101, assessing projects, and how to prepare for a consulting engagement!

  • What happens in the live session?

    During this session, participants are led through a hands-on case study to walk through each of the GPM360° tools and techniques as outlined below.

    - How to facilitate a GPM360 project assessment and how to use the GPM360 tools in both project and sustainability consulting.
    How to utilize GPM360 tools including:
    - Project Self Declaration Checklist
    - Project Phase by phase snapshots

    Working with issues, risks, and opportunities related to Project Products and Processes in terms of social, environmental, and economic impacts such as:
    - Labor Practices and Decent Work
    - Society and Customers
    - Human Rights
    - Ethical Behavior
    - Transport
    - Energy
    - Land, Air, and Water
    - Consumption
    - Business Case Analysis
    - Business Agility
    - Economic Stimulation

    You will also learn how external validation works and certifying a project as sustainable. (Yes, we do that!)
    You will earn a GPM360 Registered Consultant and Assessor Certificate