Course curriculum

    1. An Introduction to the GPM360° Registered Consultant and Assessor Program Version 2.0

    1. Sustainable Projects Overview

    1. Sustainable Risk Management Overview

    1. Asset Lifecycle, Benefits, and Business Case Training

    1. Consultant Training

    1. Assessor Training

About this course

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  • 9 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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Frequently asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions.

  • How do I get started and how long is the program?

    It is easy! The Pre-requistes are on-demand right here! Simply, sign up, take the courses and choose the next live session once you have completed!

    The pre-requisites can be completed in a day and the live session is roughly 2.5-3 hours.

  • Do I become a GPM Registered Consultant when completed and is there an exam?

    Yes. Once you completing the entire program, you will become a GPM Registered Consultant and Assessor.

    No. There is no exam.

  • What do the pre-requisite courses cover?

    We cover a wide range of topics that have been developed by top consultants.
    From a consulting context, you will learn about risk, sustainable projects, consulting 101, assessing projects, and how to prepare for a consulting engagement!

  • What happens in the live session?

    During this session, participants are led through a hands-on case study to walk through each of the GPM360° tools and techniques as outlined below.

    - How to facilitate a GPM360 project assessment and how to use the GPM360 tools in both project and sustainability consulting.
    How to utilize GPM360 tools including:
    - Project Self Declaration Checklist
    - Project Phase by phase snapshots

    Working with issues, risks, and opportunities related to Project Products and Processes in terms of social, environmental, and economic impacts such as:
    - Labor Practices and Decent Work
    - Society and Customers
    - Human Rights
    - Ethical Behavior
    - Transport
    - Energy
    - Land, Air, and Water
    - Consumption
    - Business Case Analysis
    - Business Agility
    - Economic Stimulation

    You will also learn how external validation works and certifying a project as sustainable. (Yes, we do that!)
    You will earn a GPM360 Registered Consultant and Assessor Certificate and digital badge.